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This is a great opportunity for you to earn a lot of money.

When an ad is sold on The Globe's website because of you then you will earn 50% of the price for
the ad.

There are several ways to advertise on The Globe's website and the price ranges from $3/month
($36/year) up to $14,900/month ($178,800/year) so you are able to make a lot of money when
you are working with this.

In other words, if you sell an ad for $3/month ($36/year) you make $18 and if you sell an ad for
$14,900/month ($178,800/year) you make $89,400.

All ad prices and your profits:
Ad price: $3/month ($36/year) - Your profit: $18
Ad price: $39/month ($468/year) - Your profit: $234
Ad price: $4,900/month ($58,800/year) - Your profit: $29,400
Ad price: $7,900/month ($94,800/year) - Your profit: $47,400
Ad price: $14,900/month ($178,800/year) - Your profit: $89,400

For more details about the prices for the ads go to this page:

The only thing you have to do is to send the advertisers to one of these pages and tell them to
notify you when they have paid for an ad:

When you know that you have sold an ad and someone has paid for it on The Globe's website then
you just send an email to The Globe to confirm it and The Globe (The Globe Enterprises) will then
pay you the profit to your Paypal-account, normally within one or two days. Please note that no
payment or profit will be paid to you before an ad has been paid for on The Globe's website.

If you prefer you can tell the advertiser to pay you directly for the ad. You will then buy the ad on
The Globe's website for your advertiser and The Globe will pay you the profit after your payment.

Anyone can advertise anything on The Globe's website and therefore you are able to earn money
on anyone that you send to these pages.

You may contact advertising companies or any other company and tell them to advertise on The
Globe's website. You can also contact companies that work with marketing or sales and let
them work for you. You can promote the ads on eBay, advertise them on any website or web
forum or by sending emails to anyone that may be interested in advertising.

You do not need to register or sign up anywhere.

Start working with this immediately and you will earn money today!

Some facts about The Globe:

- The Globe is one of the world's most visited websites.
- The Globe is a start page on the Internet with millions of visitors.
- The Globe includes search functions connected to external search engines
  and you are able to find billions of web pages, images and videos.
- The Globe distributes over 700 online tv channels.
- The Globe is a global web portal and includes:, and

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